Inflatable Mascot Costume

King Kong Inflatable Mascot Costume

Material of inflatable:Dacron
Accessory:Blower,Battery Box(for 5 pcs of NO. 5)dry battery


The Inlatable Costume blowed up with charageable battery,as vivid as fur mascot costume,but much lighter.Your best choice for commercial and private activities. Example:Video of Polar Bear PLush Inflatable Mascot Costume

  OEM manufacturer, so we can supply you high-quality products with best prices and service.
We have a team of professional designers in our Product Design Center. We can transform any character into mascot costume and If you have any design or idea, we can make the counter-sample for you as quickly as possible.


Terms Of  Shipping

 (1) We ship it via EMS, if purchase more than 1 item. Discounts available if you make multiple purchase. 

(2) We always mark packages as low value item to avoid customs duties
(3)Shipping Way:By sea,air,express


(1)We use the advanced machine to make the head,it is stronger and enough hard to avoid to break 
(2) Breather and vision : User can breath very well when he wears it, there are the hole of eyes and mouth and the neck area, They have enough ventilation for User, User have a good vision from the head eyes or mouth.
(3) Eye net: there are plastic net on the costume eye, They can prevent the dust or the others into the User eyes.
(4) Head: Advanced CardBroad material can be Water resistance
(5) Costume fabric:We choose the high quality fabric velours Make our costume, It make the costume soft and verisimilitude.


Brand: Happy Walk Happy Island, Happy Sky